Yoga with Josh Schrei

Josh Schrei has lived, breathed, and loved the profound traditions of India his entire life. Josh is the founder of four respected yoga schools, leads retreats and trainings around the world, and offers a practice that is powerful, sweet, and steeped in the elemental and energetic vision of ancient yoga.

Josh’s focus is currently on trainings, workshops, and offerings that allow students the opportunity to connect in a more profound way to the cosmologies and energetic foundations of yoga practice. The physical practice he offers is designed to cultivate centerline strength as it opens.

Join Josh at Akasha Studio Santa Fe for regular classes in 2019 —

Vinyasa Deep Dive with Josh Schrei

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm – 7:15pm

Saturdays 12pm – 1:15pm

703 Camino de la Familia Unit 3102
(next to Railyard Fitness and behind Warehouse 21)

Join Josh for this 75-minute immersion into the deep roots of the practice of Vinyasa Yoga. We’ll explore foundational poses that build core and centerline strength as they open and will explore how to build towards more advanced poses from a place of structural integrity. As always with Josh, the class is steeped in breath, grounded in meditative presence, and infused with a healthy dose of yogic lore and cosmology.

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