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Personal Guiding Principles in the Teaching of Yoga

Dear friends,
After some time reflecting on the yoga world and my place in it, I’ve come to a set of guiding principles for how I want to offer practice. Fundamentally, my ongoing offerings will be a deeper reflection of what I feel best energetically provides balance for the times we live in.
  • In times when the practice of yoga is often treated disrespectfully I will offer a practice that seeks to be respectful of Indian culture and yogic tradition.
  • I will not claim mastery but will seek to be an eternal student.
  • In times when intellect is undervalued, I will bring a distinct emphasis on jñana — deeper study.
  • In times when human beings face serious issues around attention span, I will offer those practices that connect us to deeper concentration.
  • In times when attention is focused outwards through numerous avenues of distraction, I will offer those practices that help cultivate inner connection, replenishment, and renewal.
  • In times when public discourse is coarse, I will seek to offer a space in which poetry can live and breathe in all its richness, in which ancient story has its place, in which words can connect us to the mystery that needs no definition.
  • In times when public discourse encourages finger-pointing and blame, I will seek to offer practices that connect practitioners to a greater sense of personal responsibility.
  • In times when there is constant rush, I will offer the ongoing opportunity to slow down.
  • In times of obfuscation, confusion, and distraction, I will seek to offer clarity of consciousness.
  • In times when people focus on the externals of practice and accomplishment in asana, I will use connection to center, to calm, and to the present moment as the true measure of the practice’s success.
  • In times when people approach practice as a means to draw external attention to themselves, I will emphasize practice for practice’s sake.
  • In times when the world is suffering as a result of those who wield power falsely, I will construct my teaching as much as I am able in honor of the true power. Time. Nature. Breath. Divine. Shakti.
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