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Folk Arts, Ancient Temples, and Natural Wonders in India’s Wild Northeast

with with Josh Schrei and Cigall Eacott

November 8th - 20th, 2019


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India’s magnificent Northeast provinces are home to pristine jungles and rivers, awesome wildlife sanctuaries, and some of the most diverse and unique arts traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The states of West Bengal, Assam, and Meghalaya contain numerous distinct tribal peoples, each of which has its own style of art and craft. The Northeast is also home to Kaziranga National Park, which features the largest population of Asiatic Rhinos on the planet.
Join us for this unique adventure as we visit arts, cultural, and wildlife destinations in this awe-inspiring region.
We’ll start in Calcutta, where we’ll stay at the magnificent Oberoi Hotel and immerse in the beautiful Kantha embroidery and mask-making traditions of the region. Then we’ll head east to Assam, home to one of the most important goddess temples in all of India and the heartland of Assam silk, Eri silk, and Ahimsa silk.
Just south of Assam is Meghalaya, the fabled Land of Cloud, with awe-inspiring waterfalls and home to the Kasi people, who make bridges out of the living roots of trees. We’ll explore the fabric and wood arts of this vibrant region before taking two days to visit Kaziranga national park, home to rhinoceros, elephant, and the elusive Bengal tiger.
Highlights of the trip include—
  • Kantha embroidery of Bengal
  • Mask-making traditions of Bengal
  • Dakshineshwara Temple, the largest Kālī temple in the world
  • Belur Math, the mission of famed Indian spiritual teacher Ramakrishna
  • Kamakhya Temple, one of the most important goddess temples in India
  • Umananda Temple, a beautiful island temple in the middle of the Brahmaputra River
  • Eri silk and Ahimsa silk of Assam
  • Tribal arts of Meghalaya
  • The fabulous Ri Kynjai hotel, serenity by the lake
  • Living root bridges of Meghalaya
  • The rugged beauty of Kaziranga National Park
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