Tapta Marg offers yoga immersions and courses of study in exciting destinations around the world

Yoga Immersions

Tapta Marg offers yoga immersions and courses of study in exciting destinations around the world.

Director Josh Schrei is a lifelong student of the traditions of India and offers ongoing courses of study in postural yoga practice and yogic history and cosmology. Hundreds of students over the past decade have completed one of Josh’s courses.

Tapta Marg trainings are deeply rooted in an understanding of traditional yoga and Indian philosophy while celebrating yoga as a living, evolving practice. Our trainings bring together a staff of instructors from across the yogic spectrum. Collaborators include Prana flow instructor Shawn Parell, Laughing Lotus Yoga School Co-Director Keith Borden, renowned Sanskrit scholar Nicolai Bachmann, Ayurvedic Doctor and author Amadea Morningstar, noted Bay Area instructor Jody Greene, Yoga historian Mark Singleton, and Professor Bill Mahony, author of Exquisite Love.

In a Tapta Marg training you can expect a class size of 10 – 16, small enough to ensure personalized attention and large enough to be dynamic and lively. Our curriculum includes a balance of experiential practice, hands on teaching and adjustments, yoga history and philosophy, and Western anatomy and physiology. Our philosophical studies emphasize the Tantric texts on vibration, vital energy, and energetic anatomy, and the Bhakti texts on love and devotion.

Waterfalls of Bahia: 12 Days of Yoga and Exploration in the Spectacular Diamond Highlands of Brazil

with Josh Schrei and Cigall Eacott

September 28 - October 10, 2018


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Join Josh Schrei and Cigall Eacott for this unique Yoga and Trekking retreat in one of the most awe-inspiring settings on the planet — the Chapada Diamantina of Brazil. The Chapada is home to hundreds of waterfalls, glittering caves, crystal clear freshwater pools, quaint colonial towns and is right in the heart of Bahia, Brazil’s old capital and the center of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Our itinerary will allow us time for both daily practice and exploration, as we journey from the picturesque city of Salvador to the secluded valley of Capão, where we will spend a week in a daily rhythm of practice, simple  living, and immersion in nature. At the conclusion of the trip we will take a three-day trek across the Valé do Pati, considered by many to be the most scenic valley in all of Brazil.

Join us for this unforgettable experience in a truly remarkable setting!

$2,700 includes accommodation, transport, meals, trekking costs, and yoga.
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