We offer retreats, yoga trainings, adventure travel, and pilgrimages for the benefit of all

Days and Nights of the Goddess: Yoga, Festivals, Folk Art, and Fabrics in Colorful Gujarat, India       Read More

with Josh Schrei and Cigall Eacott - September 18th-30th, 2017

The Roots of Yoga: A Six-Week Study and Practice Group       Read More

- August 8, 15, 22, 29 September 5, 12

Center: A Four-Part Workshop Series: The Energetics and Practice of Accessing the Calm and Vibrant Heart of it All       Read More

- August 6, 13, 27, September 10

$75 for one/$280 for full series Make Deposit Contact Us

Temple Towns of Tamil Nadu: Retreat and Optional 100-hour Teacher Training Immersion       Read More

with Josh Schrei and Cigall Eacott - November 1st - 13th, 2017

At Tapta Marg we offer retreats, yoga trainings, adventure travel, and pilgrimages for the benefit of all.

Tapta Marg literally means the ‘path of heat’. The name refers to a way of life, a commitment to inner transformation, a celebration of the human journey in its most vibrant form. From the destinations we choose for our retreats and trainings, to how we approach the practice of yoga, to the teachers and guides and trainers we partner with, you will find our offerings infused with love and heartfelt devotion.

Explore the yogic teachings on the five elements in the raw, rugged beauty of Hawaii. Receive your 200- or 500-hour yoga teacher training certification at the foot of the sacred mountains of South India. Trek to five of the holiest shrines in the Himalayas. Take a course on drishti – illuminated vision – for photographers during the tribal festivals of Gujarat and Rajasthan. These are just a few of our many offerings.

Created by Josh Schrei, an internationally known yoga instructor, travel guide, photographer, outdoor athlete, and lifelong student of the traditions of India, the vision of Tapta Marg is to partner with true luminaries in the field and offer retreats, courses, trainings, and adventure trips that are transformative, energized, and real.

A portion of all profits goes to benefit the needy in the countries we operate in.

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